How to re-register

Your qualifications will never expire, but your registration does – so you will need to periodically re-register in order to stay current.

There is a small fee to re-register, and you need to fill out a form which demonstrates that your professional development is up-to-date.

To find the right form for your qualification:

  1. Go to the Registration criteria section of the NZRRP website
  2. Enter your Industry and select Search
  3. A list of qualifications matching the Industry you selected will display
  4. Click on the blue link to the qualification for which you would like to re-register
  5. You will be taken to a page that outlines the criteria for re-registration, for your particular qualification.
    1. If you see a button with the label Download re-registration form, select this button, download the form, fill it out and email it to:
    2. If you do not see a button to download the form, contact your learning support advisor. You can find the right learning support advisor for your region, and their contact details, at: