What is NZRRP?

The New Zealand Register of Recreation Professionals is an independent public register which recognises the qualifications and experience of sport and recreation professionals in New Zealand.

Why use it?

For employers, NZRRP is the quick and easy way to see, monitor and manage the credentials of paid and unpaid staff, and showcase their credentials publicly.

The register can help meet health and safety requirements and give existing and prospective clients confidence.

How it works

Members of the public: Check the qualifications held by any person offering a service as a leader, instructor, guide or coach in a recreational activity (outdoor recreation, exercise, aquatics, sport). You can also learn what their qualification(s) allow them to do.

Qualified individuals: Promote the qualifications you hold to employers, prospective employers and the general public. They will be able to see that your skills are current and endorsed by the relevant national organisation. You can also check on when you need re-register or update your existing qualifications.

Employers: Check the status of your staff members’ qualifications and when they are due for re-registration. This will support the reputation of your workplace and help provide training and career pathways for staff.

National organisations: Promote the qualifications you support and endorse, and show who holds these qualifications. Provide re-registration and professional development information to qualification holders directly through this website.

Industry Partners

These are the industry bodies and associations that we work with. With the help of these guys,
we have created a database that covers all the key activity areas of the Sport and recreation industry.
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Ethical practice

All individuals registering with this site or our partner site ActiveCV, agree to follow the Code of Ethical Practice for Recreational Professionals. They must also pass the Fit and Proper Person test.